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Boundless CFX Vaporizer

CFX Vaporizer is a debut product from Boundless Vapes. It was very enthusiastically received by the fans of vaporization. It’s a great choice if you look for a vaporizer that guarantees the best quality vapor, one that is efficient, lets you precisely control the temperature and – on top of that – is very easy to handle and use. CFX features a very durable battery, a convection-conduction heating system, and a colorful display. Along with a great price, these features make CFX a virtually perfect vaporizer. Buy CFX Weed Herb Vaporizer online with Bitcoin. High quality vaporizer and vaping tools on your #1 online weed dispensary Organic Green Marijuana.

The shape and the design of CFX are very close to the ones of Crafty. Just like Crafty, CFX fits the hand perfectly and since it’s covered with soft rubber, it’s nice to touch and doesn’t slip. An additional function of the rubber cover is the protection against the heat. This way the temperature of the device won’t get uncomfortably high for your hands and you can keep using your vaporizer as long as you wish.

CFX is made of high quality

Medical grade plastic (resistant to very high temperatures). The mouthpiece in CF is made of the best quality medical grade plastic and has a built-in cooling chamber, which is another idea taken from Crafty vaporizer. Thanks to this solution, the vapor produced by CF is always mild and doesn’t irritate the air passages, even when the temperature is very high. While this vaporizer can be purchased at an average price, it makes a really good impression and you can see that it’s a sturdy and durable device.

The heating chamber in CFX has a large capacity and fits as much as 0,5 g of ground herbs. Unlike the majority of large chamber vaporizers, CFX doesn’t require a full load to guarantee a good quality inhalation. It performs equally well, regardless of whether you put 0,1 or 0,5 g of herbs inside. The same goes for the way the herbs are ground. Both these advantages result from the fact that Boundless CFX utilizes a hybrid (convection-conduction) heating system, featuring the best aspects of both heating systems. It’s worth adding that Boundless CFX does a great job with concentrates, too. They can be placed in the chamber, in a special container.

The vapor produced by Boundless CFX is really good quality

Full of flavour and mild, yet powerful. This quality is the result of a very effective way of the active substances extraction from the vaporized herbs.

The time of heating is impressive, too. CFX is ready to be used just 20 seconds after you switch it on! What’s more, once it reaches the required temperature, it informs you with a vibration. The range of temperature is from 38 to 220 degrees Celsius. with one-degree precision. This wide range of temperatures and the precision of settings let you do the inhalation using any kind of herbs. No matter whether it’s mint, chamomile or lavender, CFX can be adjusted to any kind of herbs.

The battery in CFX has almost double capacity compared to the CF model and it lasts for about 60 minutes of continuous use. It charges in an impressively short time – if you plug the charger into an electric socket, it charges from zero to 100% within just half an hour!

At the front of the device, you can find an OLED, 1.7-inch display which is very practical, but not indispensable. It shows such information as temperature settings, remaining session time (CFX automatically switches the power off after 5 minutes to save the battery), current battery level and the temperature.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer pros:

  • Heats up very fast (around 20 seconds);
  • High-quality vapor;
  • Precise control and wide range of temperatures;
  • Great value for money;
  • Durable battery;
  • Intuitive use.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer cons:

  • Large size;
  • Time-consuming cleaning process.


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