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Crafty+ Vaporizer

Crafty+ Vaporizer is an improved successor of the legendary Crafty, considered to be one of the best portable vaporizers ever. The Vaporizer produces equally good vapor, but it heats up much faster, and it works longer on one charge. What’s more, it comes with an extra year of warranty. Crafty+ Vaporizer, just like its predecessor, can be fully controlled through a mobile app. Crafty+ will satisfy even the most demanding users. It’s made 10% in Germany. Buy Crafty Premium Herb Vaporizer online with Bitcoin. High quality vaporizer and vaping tools on your #1 online weed dispensary Organic Green Marijuana.

Vaporizer Crafty+: a complete list of improvements

What’s new in Crafty+? This is a complete list of improvements:

  • 30% faster heating;
  • longer battery life;
  • improved material the device is made ofp;
  • a new, slick design;
  • Super-Boost mode;
  • improved electronic components and optimised motherboard;
  • 2 -year warranty + one more, third year, if you register the product on the manufacturer’s website;


The new Crafty+ heats up noticeably faster, which improves a lot the comfort of its everyday use. In our tests, Crafty+ reached the vaporization temperature in just 80-90 seconds. This time is comparable to the result of mighty Vaporizer. The battery lets the device work much longer on one charge. We had easily 6-7 inhalations, which is a big jump compared to the 3 inhalations in the case of the previous Crafty version.

The Super-Boost mode is worth mentioning, too – you quickly press the on button of Crafty+ and the device heats up to the highest temperature, which is 210 degrees Celsius. It’s a perfect way to finish the session. Another important novelty is the extra year of warranty offered by the manufacturer. It’s a great idea and a salute to all Crafty+ users.

Well-designed project, perfect production 

Crafty+ vaporizer has a glass mouthpiece in a unique cooling unit that cools the vapor down to a comfortable temperature before it reaches your mouth. If you’re a fan of low temperatures inhalations and great vapor flavor, Crafty+ will do a great job – the vapor os plentiful, even at relatively low temperatures. If you like vapor produced in high temperatures, you don’t need to worry about your throat or your upper respiratory tract being irritated – the vapor generated by Crafty+ is always cool and smooth, even if you set the highest temperature.

It’s also one of very few vaporizers that will let you enjoy outstanding vapor flavor even at the highest temperature settings. The competition simply can’t do this! Anyway, it’s hard to describe the experience of vaping with Crafty+, – you have to try it yourself! The vaporizer sits in your hand much better, too – Crafty+ has a new, more ergonomic case design and the material it’s made of is now much more durable.

Extremely simple operation via mobile application

Crafty+ Vaporizer has only one button that serves for all the functions. From the device level, you can access 3 temperature settings – a default one (180 degrees Celsius), a booster mode (195 degrees) and Super-Boost (210 degrees). These three settings are more than enough to have a fully satisfying vaping session. However, if you connect Crafty+ to a mobile app, you will be able to set the default temperature and you’ll access a range of extra options and information. It’s very easy to use Crafty+, with or without the application, so even if you are a complete beginner, you won’t find it complicated at all. It’s a huge advantage!

The latest, the most powerful battery

The battery in Crafty+ has the capacity of 3500 mAh and works noticeably longer on one charge. In our tests, a fully-charged battery provided 6 full inhalation sessions. It’s a very good result as for a device with the majority of convective heating. What’s more, Crafty+ can be used while it’s charging, so the impatient ones won’t have to wait until the device fully charges. Charging through a micro-USB option give you the possibility to use a powerbank. We recommend that you get one if you plan to vape a lot outside.

It’s worth mentioning that the shorter battery life was the biggest disadvantage of the previous model. That’s why it’s so good that the manufacturer of Crafty+ solved this problem. Storz & Bickel company hasn’t disappointed their fans and created a brilliant, powerful device that maintains the petite, inconspicuous shape. If we add the faster heating, we can easily say that all the drawbacks of the previous models have been fixed and that Crafty+ is breathtaking. It’s a pity that the manufacturer decided to remove a wide range of accessories that used to be included in the set, like a grinder, a tool for chamber filling, a wall charger or a cleaning brush. Well, you simply can’t have it all.

Efficient heating system and the highest vapor quality 

No matter if you like small puffs or long, powerful draws, Crafty+ Vaporizer will always produce the best quality vapor. Thank to the fusion of convection and conduction (a hybrid heating system), vaporization is very even, and there’s no need to stir the herbs in the chamber throughout the inhalation. The flavor and the quality of the vapor are as good as in convection vaporizers, with the best available vapor parameters. We can easily say that Crafty+ Vaporizer is a device that will satisfy even the most experienced users. Well recommended!


Crafty+ – Pros

  • vapor quality and flavor;
  • great efficiency;
  • new, more powerful battery;
  • compact size;
  • temperature control with 1°C precision;
  • even vaporization with no need to stir.

Crafty+ – Cons

  • the set doesn’t include the accessories from the first generation of Crafty;
  • a relatively weak battery;
  • you need a mobile app to access all functions.


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