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Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty is a vaporizer of the bat type (with a long, elastic stem), manufactured together with the cult-like Volcano but most important of all, producing the thickest steam we’ve ever seen. Funny looking at first, the outer build is dictated by the inner construction where the chamber is uniquely wide, allowing the production of a truly plentiful steam! Buy Plenty Premium Weed Vaporizer online with Bitcoin. High quality vaporizer and vaping tools on your #1 online weed dispensary Organic Green Marijuana.

The first thing that anyone will notice while using Plenty is the looks. At first glance, it seems to be a portable vaporizer but it is a custom desktop vaporizer which you hold in your hands while using it. A characteristic spiral metal tube is connected to the device. It is a mouthpiece through which you inhale. It has been designed to maximize cooling down of the vapor and it works really well. Even at the highest setting temperature, the vapor doesn’t irritate your throat. Another eye-catcher is an analog indicator on the device. Plenty does not have a digital display – the analog indication system shows the current temperature – there are 7 presets to choose from.

The desired level of heat is reached within 3 minutes, which is a rather mediocre result. To maintain a given temperature, simply press the orange “trigger”. It also prevents continuous vaporization of the herbs, which would directly affect its efficiency.

The steam quality could compete with many other, more expensive units.

All the three models from Storz & Bickel (Crafty, Mighty and Plenty) guarantee a great performance while processing the material, without even slightly burning it. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the herbs instead of concentrating on one spot. Once you finish the inhalation, you can see the homogenous color of the vaporized material. The steam is cooled in the pathway made of stainless steel.

As a stationary vaporizer, Plenty stands out due to a huge heating chamber. Even 0.7 grams of finely ground herbs fit in, which is an impressive result. Thanks to that, Plenty is ideally suited for an event or a meeting with a bigger group of friends. It is worth noting that the heating chamber should be fully loaded, which can sometimes be inconvenient with a smaller number of users – but even then, due to a special chamber design and efficient convection, Plenty can produce extremely dense clouds with just small portions of herbs. This means that it will work well as a personal device, but will also shine as a party machine.

Plenty is definitely meant for connoisseurs. The taste of the produced steam, the extraction efficiency, and the extremely simple handling will satisfy even the most demanding users. Well recommended!

Plenty Vaporizer pros:
  • fantastic flavor and density of vapor;
  • great efficiency;
  • very sturdy construction;
  • unusually spacious heating chamber.
Plenty Vaporizer cons:
  • the necessity to hold the ‘trigger’ to maintain the temperature;
  • Plenty can heat up quite a lot during longer sessions;
    the looks draws attention.


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