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Puffco Peak Vaporizer

Get ready for a true revolution in concentrates vaporization! Puffco Peak is a portable vaporizer for concentrates that reaches the performance level of e-nail type devices. It’s the best portable vaporizer for concentrates created to date. Great vapor quality, a durable battery, the possibility of concentrate application before you heat the device, built-in water filter and a great design are just some of the features that make Puffco Peak Vaporizer stand out! Currently, you won’t find a better portable device for concentrates on the market. Buy Puffco Peak Weed Vaporizer online with Bitcoin. High quality vaporizer and vaping tools on your #1 online weed dispensary Organic Green Marijuana.

Puffco Peak Vaporizer is the latest release from Puffco. A renowned American manufacturer that so far has been producing vape pens. Puffco Peak is a portable e-nail that differs completely from other devices of this type. Peak has the shape of a cone and its top part is a detachable, glass bubbler. The concentrate is heated in a ceramic nail (the set includes a spare nail, but you can also get a quartz one) covered with a carp cap. One of the most important pros that Puffco Peak offers is the possibility to apply concentrates before the device heats up. This increases the level of comfort and discreteness of use. The design is outstanding, and the production quality and the materials are top-notch.

Puffco Peak Vaporizer provides a tasty vapor that lets you note all the subtle notes of the vaporized concentrate.

The taste is positively influenced by the fact that the nail is ceramic, and that the water filtration cools down the steam and adds moisture to it so that the inhalation is extremely comfortable. The density of the vapor and its saturation with active substances are amazing – so far these impressions could only be achieved with dab rigs – stationary vaporizers for concentrates, with titanium nail heated with a jet-flame lighter.

Puffco Peak is very versatile and does a great job with any quantity of concentrate

Whether you want to apply just a small dab or a larger one. What’s more, you have as many as 4 temperature settings to choose from so you can adjust the vapor density to your individual preferences. The heating is instant – even when the device is completely cool, it takes about 20 seconds. Puffco Peak features an intelligent system of temperature setting – if the device is warm after the previous session, the heating will be less intense. This helps prolong the battery life and prevents from overheating during group sessions, which was a problem in all the portable e-nails released so far. Puffco Peak communicates with the user through both a LED diode and through vibrations.

The battery in Puffco Peak Vaporizer allows for about 30 inhalations, which is a very good result as for such a technologically advanced device. When you use the fast charger (included in the set), the battery goes from empty to 100% in just 2 hours, which is a great result! The only drawback we can see is the fact that the battery is not replaceable – it would be very handy to have a spare battery and swap it when need be. Unfortunately, the battery is built-in. However, it has very god parameters.

To sum up, Puffco Peak is a true revolution in dabbing. It offers a great comfort of use, outstanding vaping experience, a great vapor quality and the power that’s been so far available only in desktop vaporizers for concentrates. Well recommended!

Puffco Peak Vaporizer – pros:
  • great quality of the vapor;
  • spare ceramic nail;
  • the power of portable devices in a portable version;
  • compact size;
  • durable battery;
  • stylish design;
Puffco Peak Vaporizer – cons:
  • the battery is not replaceable.


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