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Volcano Classic Vaporizer

Volcano Classic Vaporizer is an absolute classic and the epitome of the highest quality – of production and of vapor. Pure, natural vapor flavor, very comfortable inhalation with a balloon and exceptionally precise, German production are exactly the elements that experienced vapers looks for. Produced for over 20 years (the premiere was in 1999), Volcano Classic Vaporizer was the first electronic vaporizer on the market and for years it set the standards for this type of devices. It’s been improved many times and until today it’s one of the top notch desktop vaporizers. Buy Valcano Classic Weed Vaper online with Bitcoin. High quality vaporizer and vaping tools on your #1 online weed dispensary Organic Green Marijuana.

Inhalation with a balloon

Volcano Classic Vaporizer, unlike the majority of other desktop vaporizers, isn’t used with a silicone tube. Instead, after the chamber is filled, you put a special adapter on top of it and connect it to the balloon that gets filled with vapor. This solution is very comfortable because it lets you join the efficiency of a desktop device with the mobility of a portable vaporizer. You can move around the room with the filled balloon or pass it to the next person. An intelligent valve on the balloon mouthpiece will let the vapor out only when you want to take a draw. While there are other desktop models that offer balloon inhalation possibility, none of them can provide quality as high as Volcano. The highest vapor quality is accompanied by great comfort of use.This vaporizer is very efficient and economical. You can put the balloon aside for a while and get back to it later. Storz & Bickel won’t let you waste even a small bit of the precious vapor.

Simple, intuitive use

Volcano Classic Vaporizer is very easy to use. You switch it on, fill the chamber, turn on the heater and once it reaches the required temperature, it starts to fill the balloon. After just 30 seconds, you have a balloon filled with dense, aromatic vapor. The time that Volcano needs to fill the balloon is currently the shortest among all the desktop vaporizers on the market. What’s more, it’s one of very few devices that maintains the temperature very well – no matter how many draws you take in a row, Volcano always keep up with your tempo and will never ‘choke’.

Analog temperature regulation

You regulate the temperature in Volcano with a knob, in the range from 1 (the lowest temperature) to 9 (the highest). It’s very easy to get used to the setting that you need in a specific moment.

Both for single and group sessions

Some users complain that you have to use a large amount of herb to fill the chamber in order to achieve the right flavor and density of vapor. Abou 0.4 g of herb seems to be the minimum amount. However, if you want to reduce this quantity, there is a way – simply put the herb on the concentrate pad. Still, we recommend that you load Volcano the traditional way. Even if it requires a larger amount of herb than we would like to use, remember that it lets you fill more than just one balloon. Due to the possibilities of Volcano, it’s a perfect vaporizer for parties and parties with friends. Alternatively, you  can use a chamber reducer, which is an accessory you can buy separately to be able to vaporize as little as 0.15 g of herb.

German precision and production quality

Volcano Classicis has a very sturdy construction. Many users of the first models praise them for their great performance even after 10-15 years of use. It’s German precision at its best. Volcano is not only durable, but also easy to clean. The construction of the heating chamber helps clean the device in no time.

Volcano Classic Vaporizer – a timeless device

Outstanding quality of the vapor, the best possible production quality and the simplicity of use are undeniable advantages of this vaporizer. When it comes to the speed of filling balloons, no other vaporizer has matched Volcano. The same goes for the ease of use. If you are a demanding user and you want your device to guarantee maximum performance with no compromise, then Volcano is the perfect vaporizer for you.


Volcano Classic – Pros

  • generates vapor of unmatched quality;
  • balloons filling speed;
  • durable and easy to use;
  • doesn’t require frequent cleaning;
  • great for parties and larger group sessions.

Volcano Classic – Cons

  • the inflating fan that pumps vapor is quite loud.


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